Since ancient times, the "circle" in Ukrainian culture has been a symbol of infinity, unity, and the sun.

We were inspired by our native values and chose the name DOBROKOLO for the corporate social responsibility of JSC "COMINBANK".

The slogan of this CSR is "Do good to everyone around you".

Filled with the energies of the supreme luminary, DOBROKOLO never tires of promoting revival and giving people warmth. It embodies the infinity of good deeds hand in hand with like-minded people.

DOBROKOLO's mission is to develop the bank's corporate ecosystem of good deeds, where regular charity aimed at helping Ukrainians and Ukraine is dominant.

Seven principles of DOBROKOLO:

- Sincerity

- Humanity

- Publicity

- Love for Ukraine

- Social relevance

- Ethical business conduct

- Caring for employees

Within the framework of its CSR, the bank is actively developing partnerships with charitable foundations and institutions that change the world for the better and are guided by charitable principles.

Among the foundations with which COMINBANK cooperates are ONUKY Charitable Foundation for Civilian Aid, Zaporuka Charitable Foundation, and others. In addition, for the second year in a row, JSC COMINBANK has been helping a military hospital on a monthly basis.

Another important goal of DOBROKOLO is the active development of corporate volunteering: employees regularly engage in various useful activities.

In the spring of 2023, DOBROKOLO's efficiency was officially recognized when COMINBANK became one of the three leaders in the social responsibility rating (according to the research conducted by the rating agency Standard Rating, Ukraine).