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Dear clients,


You can pay off your loan debt in the following ways:

1. Through the bank's cash desk (at any outlet of JSC "COMINBANK", the current list and schedule of work is available at, without commissions.

2. Through the CIB-online remote banking service.

3. By wire transfer to your transit account to repay the debt.

You can do this either at any bank outlet in Ukraine or by using the "Transfer by details" function (or a similar name):



Your full name

Recipient's bank

Joint Stock Company "COMINBANK" Kyiv

Bank code: 322540

Recipient's account

Transit account (specified in the loan agreement or notification letter (for loans reveived) or we can provide it to you)

Recipient's code

YOUR identification code


Repayment of debt under Loan Agreement no. _ _ _ _ dated __________.



Sincerely, COMINBANK



Information on the estimated cost of additional and related services of third parties that are mandatory for obtaining a consumer loan under the product.

Service name

Estimated cost*

Performing an assessment of the property offered as collateral

From 600,00 UAH

(depending on the type of property offered as collateral)

Notarization of the mortgage agreement (if the collateral is real estate)

0.1% of the market value of the property offered in collateral + 5000,00 UAH

Notarization of the Pledge Agreement (if the collateral is movable property)

0.1% of the market value of the collateral item + UAH 5000.00

Life and working capacity insurance of the Borrower

0.3% of the loan amount (limit).

Insurance is provided by insurance companies accredited by JSC "COMINBANK"

Insurance of collateral (real estate)

0.3% of the market value of real estate. Insurance is provided by insurance companies accredited by JSC "COMINBANK"

Insurance of collateral (movable property)

Full CASCO program with a 0.0% deductible. Insurance is provided by insurance companies accredited by JSC "COMINBANK"


*The cost is paid by the Borrower before the loan is disbursed.

Rules for banking services for individuals

Settlement of overdue debts of the protected category of borrowers


Archive of documents and tariffs

Frequently asked questions

What additional costs may be incurred when applying for a loan to purchase real estate or secured by real estate?

1. Insurance of the collateral item and the life and working capacity of the borrower – approximately 0.3%.

2. Payment of notarization of the mortgage agreement – approximately 0.1% of the collateral value + 5 000 UAH..

3.The Bank's Commission for granting a loan is from 1.5% to 2%.

I am not officially employed, can I get a loan from JSC "COMINBANK"?

Yes, if you receive a regular monthly income that can be documented.

Can I get a loan from JSC "COMINBANK" if I am registered as a sole proprietor?

Yes, if you have been registered for at least 1 year and provide an income tax return.