Money transfers
SWIFT is a cooperative society with more than 10 thousand members from 210 countries. More than a million transactions worth $6 trillion (1.8 billion messages per year) are processed through SWIFT every day.

Product Terms

  • Currency US dollar, euro, pound sterling, Canadian dollar, Czech koruna, yuan, Swiss franc, Israeli shekel and 118 other currencies;
  • Advantages low rates, security and reliability, No third-bank commissions;


  • up to UAH 400,000 (equivalent to one transaction day) - without documents confirming income and documents for the basis of payment
  • over UAH 400,000 (equivalent to one transaction day) - on the basis of documents confirming income and documents for the basis of payment (contract, invoice, etc.)
When sending it, you need to know:
  • name, address (country, city), and SWIFT code of the recipient's bank;
  • international IBAN account number;
  • Name/full name of the recipient, address (country, city) of the recipient;
  • reference (purpose of payment, bill/contract/invoice number and date, etc.).
The US dollar, euro, and pound sterling currencies are sent in the transfer currency. For other currencies, the sending is carried out in US dollars with the recipient receiving the currency of your choice (at the cross rate).
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What time are payment orders submitted for payment execution on the same day?






USD and other currencies (except EUR, GBP)


20 USD

350 USD



25 EUR

350 EUR



30 GBP

350 GBP

* payment in UAH at the NBU exchange rate

ТRates are indicated for the payment amount up to 99,999.99 USD/EUR/GBP



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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to send funds?
  • have a passport or an equivalent identity document;
  • know the surname, name and patronymic of the recipient of the transfer, the country and city of the transfer;
  • pay the amount of the transfer to the cash desk and pay the sending fee;
  • get the transfer reference number and inform the Recipient.