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Product Terms

  • Account opening50 UAH
  • Sending a transfer in UkraineFrom 5 UAH
  • Sending a transfer abroad from 30 USD
  • Receiving cash from 0.3% of the amount
  • Buying foreign currency on the foreign exchange market of Ukrainefrom 0.5% of the amount
  • Purchase of foreign currency on the foreign exchange market of Ukraine for placement on the deposit "Favorable rate"unprovided for

About the service


  • making any payments that are not related to business activities;
  • convenient and comfortable service in the bank's outlets;
  • making money transfers (SWIFT) to individuals abroad and within Ukraine; 
  • receiving money transfers sent from abroad and on the territory of Ukraine.
  • purchase / sale of foreign currency on the interbank foreign exchange market of Ukraine.
  • consultations at any time convenient for you

Rules for banking services for individuals


Basic conditions

Account validity period

On request, with no expiration date.

Current account currency

Hryvnia, US dollars, euros.

Interest rate on the balance of own funds on the current account, % per annum

According to the decision of the ALCO

The procedure for calculating and paying interest on the current account balance 

Interest is accrued monthly at least once a month for the actual number of days in the period (28-29-30-31/365-366) on the amount of the account balance at the end of each day. When calculating interest, the day of crediting funds to the account and the day of debiting funds from the account are not taken into account. 

Interest is accrued on the last business day of the month for the period from the first to the last calendar day and on the day of expiration of the agreement/tariff or early termination of the agreement. The Bank shall pay the accrued interest on the next business day following the day of accrual by crediting the current account

List of current account services

The current account provides all types of cash management services that are not related to the implementation of business activities.

Cost of current account services

Account opening, cash and settlement service, crediting and withdrawing funds, etc. are carried out in accordance with the tariffs approved by the bank.

Conditions for opening a current account

The account is opened to individuals, residents and non-residents, clients who are sailors.

Terms of depositing a current account

Depositing of the current account is possible without limitations.

Terms of non-cash transfer of funds from the account

Possible, in accordance with the tariffs approved for this service.

Conditions for issuing cash from a current account

It is possible. In Bank branches. Funds are issued in accordance with the tariffs approved by the bank.

Other services on the account

Other services on the account

Terms of account servicing in the Electronic Banking System "CIB-Online"

It is carried out in the CIB-online system, in accordance with the approved tariffs.

Current account closing conditions

Cost of current account services


It is carried out at the request of the client. It is not charged.






Archive of documents and tariffs

Frequently asked questions

Can I open an account in the name of a minor?

An underage person (14 to 18 years old) may open an account independently by providing the bank with the necessary documents.

A minor has the right to independently dispose of funds deposited by him/her to an account opened in his/her name, as well as salary (earnings), scholarship or other income received on his/her account.

A minor shall dispose of funds deposited to the minor's current account by any other person with the consent of the guardianship and custody authority and parents (adoptive parents) or guardians.

Can I open an account in the name of a minor?

An account may be opened in the name of minors (under 14 years of age) by their legal representatives - parents (adoptive parents, foster parents, or guardians) or guardians. Funds deposited to an account opened in the name of a minor shall be managed by their legal representatives or guardians.

Is it possible to issue a power of attorney in a bank?

Yes, you can issue a power of attorney for your account at the Bank.

Can I withdraw funds from my current account at any outlet of the bank?

Yes, you can use the account at the outlet where it is convenient for you.

Can another person top up my account in foreign currency?

Accounts opened in foreign currency can only be deposited by the account holder or authorized representative.